Pembrey & Burry Port

Graham Davies’ – “Then there was Light!”

It was in Poland and I had just arrived in the city of Wroclaw. Driving from our hotel to a guarded car park I realised to my horror that I was driving the wrong way down a one way street. “Don’t worry, Dad”, said my nine year old son, “The police car behind has done the same thing.” Not funny. I was shown, by a fairly macho member of the Policja, a road sign with an inordinate number of s and z letters and divested of a considerable amount of zlotys.

Well there could be a sign with an inordinate number of Welsh f and d letters in Burry Port if residents have their way and common sense prevails and a one way system is introduced. I’m fed up of weaving in and out through New Street in the day, and in the evening I make sure I have some sandwiches and coffee for the long wait for cars to make their way down it. Residents like Colin Roberts and Peter Qualters are fed up of having their cars clipped, their houses shaken by the humps and their peace shattered by the road rage. People in the street want to see some change.

I talked to some of the traders in New Street and Station Road and opinion was divided from dead against it (my ears have still not returned to their normal position after one meaty encounter), through indifferent, to all for it. Rachel Witt of the Cycle Shop wants a quality shopping experience for everyone and suggests pedestrianisation as the perfect solution. She argues:“If the main street was pedestrianised it would completely solve the problem of parking on double yellow lines, the traffic warden (any recent sightings?) wouldn’t be needed, and the speed bumps could be used to fill in all the potholes”. Sorted.

Apparently, the secretary of the yellow line parking club was visibly shocked by the possibility and inadvertently had to stop his car in a legal position.

Of course some opposition might come from the usual desire for things to remain the same. But like the man who didn’t like his haircut, it eventually grew on him.

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