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Graham Davies – “Bunting”

I love the word “bunting”. It seems to come from an era when gay meant merry, sick meant ill, a mouse was a small mammal and a cursor was someone who swore. Burry Port is full of bunting, presumably as a tribute to the Eisteddfod which is using Burry port as a car park and, it seems, bits of it as a rubbish dump.

Apparently bunting was originally a specific type of lightweight worsted wool fabric and was manufactured from the beginning of the 17th century. It was used for making ribbons and flags, including signal flags for the Royal Navy. Now it’s plastic tat.

Well, people in Burry Port admirably want to celebrate the Eisteddfod in Llanelli, but do we want to put up with the town being very much a Llanelli car park or a dormitory town? The County Council has an integrated community strategy and a local development plan. The former claims to set out the long term vision for Carmarthenshire and identifies “what we want to achieve for our communities, on behalf of our communities and with our communities”. The local development plan sets out their proposals and policies for future development and use of land in its area.

My view is last time round these did zilch (a medieval word for bunting which also means “nothing”) for Burry Port. Why do we not have a leisure centre? Where are the sports facilities? Why is there not a community centre? What about a swimming pool? Why was the youth club housed for years in an impoverished portacabin with no toilet facilities or running water? Why was the Copperworks school allowed to fall to pieces? What is going to happen to the junior school building when they move to their new premises – flats, store house for bunting?

However, it’s amazing the effect the pink pimple has had on the environment – grass cut, kerbs painted, information boards dropping mysteriously from the sky and a superabundance of bunting. Yuk (another medieval word).

One thought on “Graham Davies – “Bunting”

  1. Gwyn Jones

    it is a shame that the copperworks school is to be demolished ,the question to be asked is why was this building not properly maintained over the last 150 years ,and the wall that surrounds it is also being left for the same fate ,these old buildings are our history and should be restored to original condition
    I think that in the future the new replacement hall will be scrapped due to lack of funds and this land will be used for housing

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